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Medieval Boba Fett Gallery

Next in the Medieval Spin-offs series is Medieval Boba Fett.  This full suit of fantasy armor is made entirely in leather.

As always, re-imagining an iconic character in a new theme presents its challenges.  It’s always a difficult balance between staying true to the reference and expanding upon it with an original direction. The color pallet was modified a bit to suit the re-imagined theme. Instead of grey, metallic pewter was used, and instead of yellow, a yellowish bronze was use.  And the green is a slightly darker weathered green.

The owner of the suit plans to outfit the suit with crossbows and other weaponry in place of the jet pack, blaster, and other accouterments.

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WIP Gallery - Medieval Boba Fett

Like this project?  Now see a gallery of its creation process. (Coming Soon)

WIP Gallery – Phoenix Armor

100 Work In Progress Images from the Female Phoenix Armor Project showing components at various stages of completion from throughout the course of the project to give insight to the crafting process. Prince Armory WIP Galleries are funded by our awesome Patreon Patrons. If you found this gallery useful and would like to see more of these and more in depth breakdowns and tutorials in the future please consider becoming a supporter.

WIP Gallery – Phoenix Armor

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