Prince Armory

We are based in Texas, USA and offer custom armor, as well as personalized costume and prop designs and products for film and television productions as well as for private clients. Prince Armory is a bespoke-only service in which all products are custom commissioned.

Our best-known creations are custom leather armor designs and superhero spin-offs,  but we also offer fine handcrafted weapons, theatrical props, costumes, and other leather items.

Although Prince Armory is a relatively small studio, you could think of us as a surgical strike team focused on creating highly ornate and fantastical creations.


Prince Armory was founded in 2007 by Samuel Lee with the vision of crafting high detail works of wearable art.

It all started in a small shop in the back yard and with help from amazing friends, employees, and wonderful clients along the way our portfolio has swelled with incredible creations over the years.

We have created unique custom creations all over the world from individuals to big name giants. We tend to maintain a very small crew but our shop and capabilities have grown over the years.


Our work has been featured in major commercial and theatrical productions with clients such as Samsung, Manowar and Cinderella on Broadway Tour.

Our projects for private clients have also gone viral online with great acclaim, such as our sensational fantasy superhero spin-off designs which are always a hit at Ren Fests, Fantasy & Comic Conventions.

We have been featured in numerous traditional publications and in countless online articles and blogs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide truly unique and incredible custom creations that cannot be found anywhere else or even custom ordered anywhere else.  Every project is precision designed and crafted to shock and awe our clients and their audiences.

Perhaps the best measure of our values is as to how we judge a job well done: If a client receives their completed product and exclaims, “WOW!!” We’ve done our job. If one wears our creations to a convention and they can no longer move forward due to the crowds of photo takers and gawkers; we’ve done our job. If a wardrobe we craft for a film causes such excitement as to receive additional screen time as a result; we’ve done our job. If we share a finished project and it is scattered to all corners of the web with praises sung; we’ve done our job.

What We Make

We primarily create elaborate functional Leather Armor for men as well as women, and that comprises the majority of our projects. The theme is commonly high fantasy but only because that is what is most requested. We can do sci fi, historical, or other themed projects.

In instances where an item calls for considerable detail we may accept individual item projects to craft any sort of weaponry such as swords, daggers, knives, battle axes, maces, to name a few. Tailored clothing, medieval or renaissance, medieval, Victorian, or fantasy. Custom leather coats or other leather garments. Full costumes of whatever medium. And any number of accessories such as belts, pouches, baldrics, frogs or weapon holders, headbands, leather cuffs, leather book covers, and the list goes on. Even bags, leather wall art, drink holders, luggage, chests, any sort of miscellaneous custom props, and custom armor and weapon display stands or cases can be commissioned as well.

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Results Worth Waiting For

There is a wait period due to the queue of other projects. If the wait seems unbearable, our promise to you is this:  We will make it worth the wait.  We pour our hearts into every project we do and the results will justify your patience.

We have two primary queues for custom projects: The standard queue which is our default, and a limited commercial queue which is generally reserved for large or high profile projects.

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