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Welcome to the Prince Armory Academy

The Prince Armory Academy is a resource for larpers, cosplayers, leatherworkers, and anyone who wants to learn how to craft the types of creations found at Prince Armory.  There is a lot of free video content in the form of tutorials featured on the site here and on the Prince Armory YouTube Channel, and blogs and if you like what you see you can support these efforts by purchasing our Patterns (templates) as featured in the video tutorials.

One thing to note:  This is a relatively new venture with only a handful of patterns and tutorials featured so far but there is much more to come.  

Building Towards Full Suits & More

The starting point of the Academy is centered around the Fantasy Armor Series where I’ll be taking you through step by step to craft every piece of a full suit of leather armor.  This theme is all consistently designed and purpose built specifically for these tutorials to be both beginner friendly, and still visually exciting and plenty of room for students to expand upon the base design to come up with something unique.

Whats Next?

The Prince Armory Academy is supported by sponsors, patrons, fans sharing our creations, and of course our fantastic students who purchase the patterns to make their own awesome creations!  Affiliate program coming soon!

Academy Teaser Video

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