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How To Craft Leather Armor – Getting Started

Not sure where to begin with the tutorials?  Just starting out as a leathercrafter or maybe considering it?  Lets start with the basics first!  I’ll be working on a series of ‘How to make armor’ guides.  These are being developed primarily with the aid of sponsors and supporters on Patreon and more will come in time.  Below is the first video in this series.

Build a head to toe suit of leather armor!

You can now follow along step by step with the patterns and tutorials in the Fantasy Armor Series to craft every piece of a full suit of leather armor.  This theme is consistently designed and built specifically for these tutorials to be both beginner friendly, and still visually exciting and plenty of room for students to expand upon the base design to come up with something unique.  Each tutorial expands on new tips and techniques so it is advised to watch all the tutorials first to decide your own personalizations when you build your own suit.  

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Also see the library of full tutorials, tool guides, and watch our social media for additional quick tips and WIPs!

What’s Next?

The complete suit of fantasy armor was finished recently.  A full suit recap video will be coming soon and then I expect to start working on some premium courses along with new patterns and free tutorials along the way. The Prince Armory Academy is supported by sponsors, patrons, fans sharing our creations, and our fantastic students who purchase the patterns to make their own awesome creations!

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