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Prince Armory Affiliate Program

This affiliate program is a new and experimental feature being rolled out to let you earn a percentage of any sales you refer using your affiliate link. 


If you like our designs and works and want to help get the word out, we want you to make a cut when you refer customers to the patterns and other future premium content go ahead and sign up here.  The details are being sorted out and all feedback will be heard and a fair and sustainable relationship is desired for all parties.  The plugin being used allows for multiple tiers so I feel like the best way to leverage this is to let anyone at all sign up and immediately earn a cut if they refer anyone, and then have it scale up in % earned according to the number of referrals, up to 33% if not more depending on how things go.


Special tiers for influences and business owners are also in the plans for those able to refer customers in bulk. And we’ll also be working with shop owners who want to sell the patterns and content in their own stores as well.


Sign up now and start earning right away!



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