2017 – A new year, a new site!

Hello everyone, Samuel here.  I wanted to talk about the latest website updates for Here are the highlights: About Page – Total revision with lots of new content.   Portfolio Page – Brand new page with tons of content.  While this isn’t a true portfolio it does give a great overview of our work and design philosophies. Galleries Page – New style! Over the coming months over a decade of past projects will be added here. Custom Order Page – Total revision with more concise and relevant information. Payment Gateway – That’s right, now my clients have a super… read more

General Updates June 2016 – New Site, Patreon, New Venture & Sauron Done!

Hello again Prince Armory friends and fans, its Samuel here with a few updates to share with you all. The First Age Sauron Armor is complete and I did manage to put up gallery and basic blog post covering the highlights.  Both are here on the site. (click Blog/Gallery) I have set up a Patreon page!  Ideally, this will allow for time to for producing more of the behind the scenes content I’ve had so many requests for.  If you’ve ever wanted more guides or tutorials, or more work in progress photos, and more thorough blogs or other write… read more

Project Updates 2016

This post is for everyone waiting on a custom project or who may be curious as to wait times for new projects at the present time. Previously the project queue was getting out of hand. There were so many projects in line the wait time was 2, 3, or in some cases even 4+ years for a project. So throughout 2015 I accepted only the barest handful of projects and spent the year trying to catch up. The queue is very dynamic and the number of projects don’t really make the best indicator of how long since they can be… read more

Imperial Armories Kickstarter Update Jan 2016

Update 2017 – It was decided to go a slightly different direction and use Patreon as a fundraising platform.  Kickstarter will still be a platform we explore when the time comes to relaunch Imperial Armories or if we require a surge of fundraising for something but that is all dependent upon so many external factors a timeline cannot be estimated at this time. —————– This is an update for anyone wondering what’s going on with the Imperial Armories Kickstarter mentioned about a year ago. We have every intention of going through with it but it has been pushed back… read more

Website Updates 2016

Our website was down temporarily while the upgraded hosting finished migration. There will be some bugs to work out due to some incompatibilities with the new platform and existing design but instead of up to 30-90 second load times and time-outs it will be about 1 second. Quite an improvement. Turns out all this time Godaddy had us on a 15 year old server that couldn’t handle the site. After forking over some cash for an upgrade now we’re on a managed hosting solution which is highly optimized for the site and very fast. There’s no contest at all compared… read more

Introducing the first Prince Armory Model!

Yep, you read that correctly.  Prince Armory has teamed up with CooModel to offer a scale model of one of our previous works, the Asgardian Iron Knight. More info and purchase availability coming soon. Hopefully this will be the first model of many.… read more

Website Content Revisions for 2016

Just a small update here to let you guys know that some of the primary content on the site has been updated for 2016.  This includes the custom order page, pricing, and product grades. Do please drop me a note if you see any typos or errors. I greatly hope to eventually find time to flesh out the rest of the galleries and dress up the pages with images to break up the walls o texts and format them a little better. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook as we’ll be putting out all of our unpublished completed projects and… read more

Updates – September 11, 2015

Here is an update for anyone wondering where in the world Prince Armory has been the past couple months. A break has been taken from Facebook and other such mediums which is why there haven’t been posts but projects have been and are still underway. Some projects have been under NDA as well so nothing could be posted anyway at the time. But in short order pics will start being posted again of previously completed works as well as active works and WIPS. I think I’ve caught up on everyone’s messages on social media fronts but as always if you… read more

Prince Armory Website Pre Launch Check!

Greetings oh esteemed traveler of the interwebs!  We’re working hard at work wrapping up the new and improved website and as with any new shiny there are bound to be bugs and sometimes gremlins like to maek our text looks like it has typos. (see what I did there?) The devils! So I hereby enlist you, (yes, you, valiant knight) in to the Imperial Order to vanquish the gremlins and squash the bugs so that our virtual kingdom may thrive and prosper and if nothing else, not make people hulksmash their keyboards whilst browsing our domain. Go here > Buq Squasher… read more

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