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Fantasy Armor Series Complete Tutorials

This series of tutorials and patterns has been purpose built to be a fast way to teach you how to make leather armor.  This set of tutorials breaks the entire suit down piece by piece and adds additional tips, tricks, techniques, and other knowledge with every new video.  The design scheme is sharp and attractive while still being very beginner friendly and approachable for anyone interested in leather crafting.

Armor patterns or templates are available for each tutorial in the store.  This series is still underway so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see new releases!  The series will be complete when the entire suit of armor components is finished, plus a very high likelihood of additional accessories in the matching theme.

How To Craft Leather Armor – Getting Started

Not sure where to begin with the tutorials?  Just starting out as a leathercrafter or maybe considering it?  Lets start with the basics first!  I’ll be working on a series of ‘How to make armor’ guides.  These are being developed primarily with the aid of sponsors and supporters on Patreon and more will come in time.  Below is the first video in this series.

Other Tips, Tutorials, & Guides

Check here for additional tutorials and guides.  Keep in mind the Prince Armory Academy is a newer venture and I’ll be working on a full library of content but it will be balanced with custom orders so it will take time.

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