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  • Most custom armor inquiries are handled via email starting at the “Request Quote” form.

  • We will discuss the project and give you an estimate or pricing options.

  • A deposit is required to secure your place in the queue.

  • You will send your measurements and final project specifications.

  • Construction on your project will begin once we reach your position in queue.

  • Your project will be shipped upon your approval of the completed project and final payment.

  • Enjoy your one-of-a-kind custom leather armor creation and its lifelong guarantees.



Given the infinite possible custom options inherent there is no absolute pricing structure we can list plainly. See our minimums for a starting point and we will give you a quote once we discuss your project.  Our focus is on luxury level custom creations- so the cost is more than average – but well worth it.



Minimums ensure that every project will meet our high standards of detail and quality and anything beyond that is up to the client as to just how far they wish to take the project.  Currently our minimum for any project is $2000, with most armor suit or wardrobe sets starting at $5000 and the more ornate and complex full suits would be more.  To get a more accurate cost assessment please Request a Quote.


Factors Affecting Cost

Detail –  In terms of design this can be border lines, custom tooling, special dying, various border enhancements, overlays, filigrees, carvings, embellishments, ornamentation, textures, paint and dye techniques, etc.
Complexity – Layers, design lines, general function and articulation sophistication, enhanced shapes and moldings, etc.
Artistry – Custom and personalized art developed for a project. It can be stylized designs, advanced figures, or any spectrum of art that you wish to be incorporated into your designs. Often refers to ornate embellishments including scrolls, figures, knot-work, or thematic designs like elven, dwarven, norse, draconic, etc.
Materials and Hardware – Elaborate buckles, studs, rivets, conchos, adornments as well as specially ordered exotic leathers or other unique features like exotic horns, or horse hair accents etc.
Speed – You may require a faster turnaround which may also affect cost.

Payment Options

We generally request 25% – 33% as a non-refundable deposit which allows us to order or set aside materials, add the project to the queue, and begin devoting time and energy to the project. Subsequent payments may be requested when construction begins and the remaining balance is requested upon completion and approval of the final product. Shipping is billed afterwards separately at cost.

Payment Plans

You may break a project’s cost up over a span of up to 36 monthly payments. You may commence a project with any payment however your position in queue will only be reserved with at least $1000 either as deposit or accumulation of payments.

Lead Time

Standard Queue – Typically 2-3 years for most projects, especially full suits of custom armor. This queue is the most common and synergizes with longer-term payment plans.

Commercial Queue –  Typically less than 6 months. Prince Armory reserves limited space each year for certain high-value projects. This route is most common for clients with professional needs such as film productions, theatrical productions, or other entertainment venue purposes. Inquire for pricing. Availability limited.

Expedited Queue – If you have an immediate need we can offer this premium feature in some cases. We will overnight materials and work tirelessly until the project is complete. Inquire for pricing. Availability limited.

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