Medieval Fantasy Legends

Prince Armory may be best known for our spin-offs where we take iconic Superheroes and Villains and re-imagine them as armored warriors in a medieval fantasy universe.

As with all of our creations, each design is crafted only once so the end result is yours alone.

What Our Clients Say:

“From the second I saw it, I was in absolute love with the masterpiece he had created for me. To say I was in awe, was an absolute understatement. It was simply, singularly and uniquely a work of art. The craftsmanship was unmatched. The attention to detail goes beyond anything imaginable. This was and continues to be the proudest possession I own.”
-Carlos Blanchard

Commission Your Own!

If you could have your favorite character brought to life in this way, who would it be? We can craft that fantasy!

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Use the pricing estimator to calculate a cost.  For this service, the recommended level of detail is signature+ or higher and for a full suit. 

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Use the pricing estimator to calculate a cost.  Select signature or higher and at least a 3/4 suit.