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Company Related FAQs

We create one-off custom creations for our clients on a custom / bespoke / commission basis. These creations tend to be fantasy or sci-fi but we technically can take on any genre of project.

It can really be anyone. It can be an individual looking to cosplay or LARP, or it can be a private collector. It can be a film director looking to outfit their actors with hero suits, or a musician looking to outfit their group with some unique stage presence. Or a theatrical performance in need of armor or other fantastic costumes for their next production.

In general, we make custom leather armor, costumes, accessories, weapons and more.  Typically these are fantasy themed creations but the sky’s the limit.  See our About Us page for more.

Prince Armory was founded in 2007 so 2017 makes a decade in business.

No, we don’t take requests of this nature.  All of our efforts are generally focused on our clients’ projects and we do not have much spare time for this type of project sadly. 

However, if you would like to help us change that, consider supporting us on Patreon where we may be able to take requests if the contributions reach a certain level to fund exciting new projects from fan requests.

Unfortunately, not yet.  However it is something we plan to do eventually.

We have offerings that range anywhere from 1-2 months, to 1-3 years, so you will need to contact us to get a more precise figure for your project.  You may also see general estimates on our Custom Order page.

Prince Armory is well equipped to take on the roles of design, prototyping, and creating small batches and our sibling company Imperial Armories is geared for repetitive production for higher volume and can be scaled according to the project at hand.

It depends on the current working situation. You can check our Careers page for more info and it never hurts to Contact Us to ask.  Be advised that to offer a paid position you will need to be bringing a skill set of value.  Otherwise you might consider an apprenticeship if you do not yet possess the prerequisite skills.

Yes, we generally have 1-2 apprentices at any given time, so space is limited and you will have to Contact Us to inquire about the current status. See also Careers.

Possibly. Our time is limited and mostly devoted to projects that will keep the lights on but if you are a professional in good standing it never hurts to inquire.

We do not sell patterns from any Prince Armory creations so that our designs remain unique.  

However, we may offer new patterns and kits in the future for those aspiring to create their own armor.

We do have a slowly growing set of tutorials, tips, tool overviews and more.  Most of our efforts in this matter will be focused on our Patreon campaign so if you want to learn, consider following us there and chip in to become a supporter which will expedite and improve these offerings.

Ordering FAQs

To place an order with us you must first Request a Quote so we can discuss the project and determine pricing. You will find a full overview of the process on our Custom Order page.

Cost is proportionate to how detailed, complex, and elaborate a project is and how soon it is needed and every project is custom made only once for each client so quotes are always given on a case by case basis.  You may find more information about pricing and our minimums.

Yes, payment plans are welcome.  The maximum plan duration for most projects is generally 36 months.  The way it works is more akin to layaway and you do have to complete the payments before anything is shipped but the advantage is you can get the project started much earlier in queue with an initial deposit/first payment and pay monthly along the way.  Then by the time you’ve paid it off the armor will generally be ready to ship.

Once terms are agreed upon, you may pay by any method you prefer on our Payment Gateway page.

We accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Wire Transfers, Checks, & Money Orders. More info on our Payment Gateway page.

Yes, and it varies by project type but in general the 2017 minimum will normally be $2000.  For large complex full suits this will be more.  Given the scope of our potential project offerings you will need to contact us or request a quote and describe your project so we get back with you.

We have offerings that range anywhere from 1-2 months, to 1-3 years, so you will need to contact us to get a more precise figure for your project.  You may also see general estimates on our Custom Order page.

Yes, we have an expedited queue and a commercial queue each with different options and we do reserve time each year to take on certain high profile projects.  See our custom order page for more general info and request a quote to discuss your needs.

Yes, we can offer replica work but we may not take on all such projects.  Generally we prefer to offer our own enhanced more original take on a popular concept.  This is where our medieval spin-off series fits.  We can take a hero or villain who does not wear armor canonically and re-imagine them wearing up-armored battle suits in a fantasy medieval setting for example.  This also helps avoid that icky grey area of making replicas of popular intellectual property and gives the client something truly unique.

Generally no.  We prefer to keep our original creations as unique one-offs to retain value for our clients.  

One exception may be if you desire a replica of a project that is already a replica itself since it is not really unique by its nature anyway, but even so we will often prefer to offer you something that is more personalized even if we use the replica as the starting point for the design.

The creations you will see predominantly throughout this site are not for sale since they were crafted as one-off creations for the clients who commissioned them.  Other than general fan merchandise that we may offer soon, we do not have a Prince Armory product line available here.

However, our sibling company Imperial Armories is all about products for sale.  However at this time that company is dormant while we focus all efforts on Prince Armory.  But eventually, yes, we will have products available again.

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