Masterpiece Armor Creations

Masterpiece Armor Creations

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Masterpiece Armor Creations

You get to be included at every phase of design as we bring your character to life and then when complete, we aim to deliver a turn-key wearable rock-star experience straight out of the box that will turn heads, drop jaws, and draw crowds.

Design Complexity

Our custom armor designers are able to implement layering effects, tooling skills, molding/forming processes, color (dye/paints) schemes, and advanced articulation. Our designs artfully combine together to deliver an end product that is truly unique to Prince Armory!


There are no limits when ordering a custom suit. Your custom cosplay costume can be customized however you want it so that you can make a grand entrance at the next Comic Con or Renaissance Festival. Prince Armory’s fantasy leather armor can your story through its design.

Attention to Detail

Every carved line should be elegant and every tool mark precise. Every strike of the hammer, every rivet, and every stitch matters. Even the deliberate chaos of weathering and antiquing is carefully applied.

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What Our Clients Say:

“When I first saw the completed armor I was awestruck! I left full creative control to them and was not let down AT ALL!
All of the wedding party was in costume. Guests who attended all agreed that my armor was the coolest wedding attire they had ever seen! ”

Tim MaKarral
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