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Featured Sponsors of Prince Armory

We have had the privileged of working with amazing sponsors who have supported many of the great video projects you can see on our YouTube channel

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We are proud to announce that we will be working with Weaver Leather for upcoming tutorials and more!

Please use this affiliate link to support our efforts when you need to purchase goods: http://bit.ly/ShopWeaver
The first video in this collaboration is now live!
Stay tuned for a breakdown of tools and materials used in this project that can be attained from Weaver. 
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Affiliate Sponsors of Prince Armory

These are services we trust and have used first hand.  And if you use our affiliate link to signup you can help support our content with no additional cost to you!


Check back soon! This content is in progress!

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Although the sponsor role of primary leathercraft supplier is filled, we would like to partner with certain businesses in other categories as we spread further into the digital content domain.  Wood working, knife making, foam smithing, Laser & CNC machining and more are all distinct topics on the agenda.


Our goal with sponsored content is to crreate videos and other useful content where all parties win, especially our audience.  Sponsoring content means more time can be invested into each video or project, and we can share valuable content freely that might otherwise be non viable.  We can test, demonstrate, and feature our sponsors’ products and tools in front of our captive audience of makers and artisans. 

Please note: The trust of our audience is paramount and we will never sell a ‘favorable review’ status on any product or service.


Get in touch if you would like to sponsor future content.


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