Our product is a precious one of a kind crafted object. Our service is in crafting an experience.  You get to be included at every phase of design as we bring your character to life and then when complete, we aim to deliver a turn-key wearable rock-star experience straight out of the box that will turn heads, drop jaws, and draw crowds.

Let Us Craft Your Experience

Hand Crafted

Our works are augmented by modern techniques and equipment but every piece has the hand-crafted touch.  Carving and tooling the surface of leather requires a certain amount of finesse, and we create dramatic shaping via wet-molding processes.


We consider every project a work of art. Composition, flow, lines, contrast, theme consistency, colors and more. It all matters. We are creative and thoughtful with each design and are always conscious of how to achieve make it visually striking..


Each custom body armor utilizes complex design features, numerous points of articulation joints, floating articulation, and sturdy, hardened leather.  While some designs push boundaries, every suit is designed with functionality in mind to maintain a base level of comfort and mobility. We can find the right balance to meet your needs.

Comfort and Fit

Every custom cosplay costume is tailor-made specifically for each client, so fit is always guaranteed. Added adjustability in our custom body armor means that your suit will still fit even with weight fluctuations.
We make great efforts to ensure each suit functions properly, will not pinch or bind, or have uncomfortable pressure points.


There are no limits when ordering a custom suit. Your custom cosplay costume can be customized however you want it so that you can make a grand entrance at the next Comic Con or Renaissance Festival. Prince Armory’s fantasy leather armor can your story through its design.

Project Highlight: Elven Knight Armor for Samsung Smart TV Commercial

This hero suit was seen all over the world in the Samsung ad campaign, even in theaters and super bowl ads at the time.  It is an original design by Prince Armory developed based on discussions and feedback from our client.  It is entirely leather with metal hardware.  The metallic effects are painted


We can work with a variety of mediums and we always use the most premium materials for our works.


Our creations are crafted with the greatest care and are guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship.

Original Designs

Every project is custom designed and crafted from the ground up to be truly one of a kind.

True Custom

Every project is designed and crafted from scratch exclusively for one individual.

One-on-One Consultation

We will listen to your thoughts, needs, goals, and preferences and will offer design recommendations and ideas to lay the foundation of the most perfect solution tailored to you. With very little input we can dream up something amazing that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Ready to Begin?

Attention to Detail

Every carved line should be elegant and every tool mark precise. Every strike of the hammer, every rivet, and every stitch matters. Even the deliberate chaos of weathering and antiquing is carefully applied.


Our works are inundated with fancy designs and scrolls, figures, lines, geometry, border decorations and more. We can use design themes, like Celtic and floral designs for example, or merge various styles and give it our unique fantasy flare.

Design Complexity

Our custom armor designers are able to implement layering effects, tooling skills, molding/forming processes, color (dye/paints) schemes, and advanced articulation. Our designs artfully combine together to deliver an end product that is truly unique to Prince Armory.

  • The Dark Knight (Medieval Batman Armor)

    From the second I saw it, I was in absolute love with the masterpiece he had created for me. To say I was in awe, was an absolute understatement. It was simply, singularly and uniquely a work of art. The craftsmanship was unmatched. The attention to detail goes beyond anything imaginable. This was and continues to be the proudest possession I own.

    In the few weeks after I received the suit, I set up a photo shoot to try to capture the beauty of the armor. Pictures taken, I then proceeded to introduce this to the Cosplay community and the world at large. The reception to it was overwhelming. In a short time, the armor, Samuel and Prince Armory and myself had gone super viral. The images were shared everywhere, including The Stan Winston School of Character Arts! Samuel’s work had ignited the internet, and deservedly so.

    Since 2012, when we first started this project, the Medieval Batman continues to be a fan favorite. It has traveled with me around the world, including being the very first male cosplayer from the United States to attend, as a guest, at the very first ComiCon in Shanghai, China! The reception I get while wearing the armor can only truly be understood if you’re wearing it. It is admired by young and old, and I get the same exact feeling to excitement every single time I put it on, without fail.

    Not a moment of the memories and joy I’ve had wearing that armor would have been possible without the amazing creativity, craftsmanship and brilliance of Samuel and Prince Armory.

    – Carlos Blanchard

  • The Golden Dragon Armor

    I have collected Dragons for many years since the late 80’s. After having over 200 I decided to turn myself into one. A friend told my about Samuel at Prince Armory we started talking about what I was looking for in my dragon suit. Some words where tossed around like show stopper my having a LOVE for all costumes and my favorite holiday being Halloween I knew I found the right man for the job. As far as I know he will never repeat a design so your piece will by unique to you. The measuring chart was amazing so the fit was perfect I can literally say it was made to order. He can make you anything. You can’t get more professional or a better fit anywhere.

    I wore my dragon suit to Folsom Street Faire September 2013 in San Francisco and stopped the Faire for about 6 hours before my gate duty I was posing for pictures non stop with a half circle of people around me all day clicking away I have won best costume as well and can’t wait to start going to Cons!

    – Bob K

  • Blood Knight

    The “blood knight” armor was a huge success! I was in costume at anime expo for 27 hours, over 3 days. Over those 3 days I was able to move around for 5 hours, without pausing to have my picture taken! Seriously, bad ass. At blizzcon I wore it for day 0, and again, the amount of people who loved it was over the top. I ran out of your business cards on day 1, however, don’t know how many actually hit you up, but told at least 300 people about your website.

    Thank you, can’t ever pay you back for the awesome memories (even through the pain, it was bliss)

    – Donovan

  • King Aquaman (Medieval Aquaman Armor)

    I first saw one of Sam’s suits when a fellow cosplayer had a Batman suit commissioned. At the time time I was gaining popularity in the cosplay community for my portrayal of Aquaman. But Aquaman was still getting a lot of negativity as an important member of the Justice League due largely to the misunderstandings of the characters true powers and back story. I decided to make it a point to change all of that. I am a big fan of Game of Thrones and saw King after King wear amazing sets of leather armor. So I decided that as the King of Atlantis, Aquaman needed to outfitted in an equally impressive set of armor to show his royal bad ass presence. I contacted Sam and over the course of three months we hashed out the design and then with a goal in mind, a year later I received my beautiful armor. Since that day, I have had images of me suited up as King Aquaman go viral on the internet, I have been asked and have traveled all over the world as a celebrity cosplayer and have even had products made using my likeness while wearing the armor. I have worn the suit over a hundred times and for hours on end in all kinds of weather and it holds up today as well as it did several years ago when I received it. I cannot boast enough about how amazing Sam’s work is. If you want something that looks like it came right out of a big budget movie or TV show, you owe it to yourself to invest in Sam’s workmanship. I have never been nor will I ever be dissatisfied with my purchase from Prince Armory. I hope to continue to wear this armor proudly for many years to come.

    – Rick ~The True Aquaman~ Stafford