Crafting an Experience

Our job isn’t just to make stuff, it’s to wow and impress. It’s to make every client feel like they have a treasure and to craft an experience in wearing our work as much as it is in crafting the suit.

We consider the reactions the crowd should have when wearers steps into their domain. Perhaps they are a villains that strike fear and intimidation into onlookers, or perhaps they are virtuous warriors who inspire courage and hope. Your adventure truly begins when you acquire your signature Prince Armory creation.

Original Designs

Every project is custom designed and crafted from the ground up to be unlike anything else out there.

Prince Armory takes great effort in reinventing the wheel with each project so that every client knows their creation is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Considerable amounts of time go into crafting the intricacies and details of each individual project.

Hand Crafted

We love technology and cool tools, and we continually expand our equipment and modern capabilities. However, at the end of the day, our skilled artisans do most of their work by hand the old-fashioned way.

Hand-carving and tooling the surface of leather requires a certain amount of finesse, and we create dramatic shaping via wet-molding processes.

True Custom

We believe strongly in offering “True Custom” works of art.

Meaning any custom work commissioned by us stays unique for life and will not be replicated.

We guarantee the integrity and value of your one of a kind design for life.

Every project is designed and crafted from scratch, not simply a recycled old design to cut corners and save time.


Composition, flow, lines, contrast, theme consistency, colors and more. It all matters. We consider every project a work of art.

That is not to brag but to understand how we approach each work. We are creative and thoughtful with each design we create and always conscious of how to achieve the client’s goals in an impressive and visually striking manner.

Attention to Detail

We are meticulous.

Every carved line should be elegant and every stamp and tool mark precise. Every strike of the hammer, every rivet, and every stitch matters. Even the deliberate organized chaos of weathering and antiquing is carefully applied.


Our most elaborate works are inundated with fancy designs and scrolls.

One must only scratch the surface of our galleries to get a feel for the elegant designs we inject into our works.

We commonly merge common design themes, like Celtic and floral designs for example, and give it our unique fantasy flare and we can come up with any sort of theme to help your project tell the story you want onlookers to absorb at first glance.


We use top quality and genuine materials for our works.

While each project may call for its own types of material it can be generally stated that most projects will use top quality leather brands like Herman Oak and Wickett and Craig.  The incredible exotic horns we use in some of our helmets are always sourced from ethical vendors.

Theme Consistency

Everything is designed with the overall theme in mind. From helmets and breastplates down to the buckle straps, everything looks like it was made from the same place using a contiguous theme.

Design Complexity

By using numerous skill sets, our custom armor designers are able to implement layering effects, tooling skills, assembly techniques, molding/forming processes, color (dye/paints) schemes, and advanced articulation. Our leather armor designs artfully combine together to deliver an end product that is truly unique to Prince Armory.


All of Prince Armory’s custom armor creations are made from the most premium materials with the greatest care and are guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship for life.

This means that if a piece of your medieval leather armor ever should break or tear, you may send it back for repair free of charge. We honor this policy even if the damage incurred to your custom armor resulted from frequent extreme combat.

Comfort and Fit

Every custom cosplay costume is tailor-made specifically for each client, so fit is always guaranteed. Added adjustability in our custom body armor means that your suit will still fit even with weight fluctuations.

We gather numerous measurements and make great efforts in the design process to ensure each suit functions properly, will not pinch or bind, and will not have uncomfortable pressure points.

Extreme Personalization

When designing custom armor we look beyond the project brief and deeply consider our client’s goals, needs, and desires.

We understand that when a client commissions a custom armor project from us, sometimes what they are truly buying is an experience.

 Your custom cosplay costume is personalized so that you can make an entrance like a rock star at the next Comic Con or Renaissance Festival. Prince Armory’s fantasy leather armor tells a story and adds to a character’s development on stage or on screen.

One-on-One Consultation

If you desire a custom leather armor project from us, you do not need to have all the details. If you only know you want to look incredible for your next event, that’s enough for us. In part, it is our job to do the heavy lifting for the conceptualization of the project to make it sure it lives up to your expectations.


Our armor makers will listen to your thoughts, needs, goals, and preferences and with these things in mind. We will offer our leather armor design recommendations and ideas to lay the foundation of the most perfect solution tailored to you.

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