Crafting An Experience

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Crafting An Experience

A one of a kind extravagant heirloom that will be passed down for generations… That’s our product.  Our service – that, is in crafting an experience.

We aim to deliver a turn-key, wearable rock-star experience straight out of the box that will turn heads, drop jaws, and draw crowds. 


One analogy is if you were buying a car.  If you just need to just go A to B you don’t buy the fancy sports car.  But anyone who has the power at their fingertips of a powerful engine, or enjoyed the sleek design language of a more elegant solution knows its not about the A to B, that’s just a bonus.  Its about the experience and fun that comes with it.  


When you order a suit from us, you’re automatically a part of a very exclusive club few others in the entire world have or ever will be a part of.  You get to be included at every phase of design process and will get to watch as we bring your character to life.  And then, when complete, that’s when the real fun starts.  Winning events will just be the start. 


We only accept projects that let us deliver that rock-star experience.  So when you suit up and make your way into the crowds, the crowd becomes your audience with every eye on you.  From there, what you do with this power is up to you!


Look below to witness some of the features and techniques we employ into every project to make your dreams a reality!

Let Us Craft Your Experience

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Hand Crafted

Our works are augmented by modern techniques and equipment but every piece has the hand-crafted touch. Carving and tooling the surface of leather requires a certain amount of finesse, and we create dramatic shaping via wet-molding processes.



We consider every project a work of art. Composition, flow, lines, contrast, theme consistency, colors and more. It all matters. We are creative and thoughtful with each design and are always conscious of how to achieve make it visually striking..



Each custom body armor utilizes complex design features, numerous points of articulation joints, floating articulation, and sturdy, hardened leather. While some designs push boundaries, every suit is designed with functionality in mind to maintain a base level of comfort and mobility. We can find the right balance to meet your needs.


Comfort and Fit

Every custom cosplay costume is tailor-made specifically for each client, so fit is always guaranteed. Added adjustability in our custom body armor means that your suit will still fit even with weight fluctuations. We make great efforts to ensure each suit functions properly, will not pinch or bind, or have uncomfortable pressure points.



There are no limits when ordering a custom suit. Your custom cosplay costume can be customized however you want it so that you can make a grand entrance at the next Comic Con or Renaissance Festival. Prince Armory’s fantasy leather armor can your story through its design.

Project Highlight: Elven Knight Armor for Samsung Smart TV Commercial

This hero suit was seen all over the world in the Samsung ad campaign, even in theaters and super bowl ads at the time. It is an original design by Prince Armory developed based on discussions and feedback from our client. It is entirely leather with metal hardware. The metallic effects are painted.



We can work with a variety of mediums and we always use the most premium materials for our works.



Our creations are crafted with the greatest care and are guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship.


Original Designs

Every project is custom designed and crafted from the ground up to be truly one of a kind.


True Custom

Every project is designed and crafted from scratch exclusively for one individual.

One-on-One Consultation

We will listen to your thoughts, needs, goals, and preferences and will offer design recommendations and ideas to lay the foundation of the most perfect solution tailored to you. With very little input we can dream up something amazing that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Ready to Begin?

Attention to Detail

Every carved line should be elegant and every tool mark precise. Every strike of the hammer, every rivet, and every stitch matters. Even the deliberate chaos of weathering and antiquing is carefully applied.


Our works are inundated with fancy designs and scrolls, figures, lines, geometry, border decorations and more. We can use design themes, like Celtic and floral designs for example, or merge various styles and give it our unique fantasy flare.

Design Complexity

Our custom armor designers are able to implement layering effects, tooling skills, molding/forming processes, color (dye/paints) schemes, and advanced articulation. Our designs artfully combine together to deliver an end product that is truly unique to Prince Armory.

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