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Armor Set

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We can craft any assortment of components you desire. This step is to establish a place to start the conversation.

Package 1 Components Include: Pauldrons, Bracers, and Cuirass.

This is the minimum recommended set as it provides a good visual impact with the fewest components.

Package 2 Components Include: Helmet, Pauldrons, Cuirass, Tassets, & Bracers.

This selection provides more coverage of the body.  It omits some costly complex components and is a good bang for the buck.

Package 4 Components Include - Helmet, Pauldrons, Cuirass, Full Articulated Arms, Tassets, Demi Gauntlets, & Greaves. 

A good option if you want to get close to full suit but need to stretch your budget little bit more.  It omits a few components while maintaining a very strong visual impact overall.

Package 4 Components - Helmet, Gorget, Pauldrons, Full Articulated Arms (Vambrace,Rerebrace, Elbows), Tassets, Fullly articulated Fingered Gauntlets, Full Articulated Legs (Cuisses, Knee Cops, Fully Molded Greaves), & Articulated Sabatons.

Recommended highest value option. Actual complete suits of armor armor are rare due to the immense time and expertise required to craft form fitting articulations and other complex components.


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Something Else

We are equipped to take on countless project types, however, our focus is in crafting elaborate full suits of leather armor and generally consider other projects on a case by case basis, accepting the ones we find interesting.  There is no calculator for these options yet so please get in touch with us directly to discuss possibilities.


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Delivery & Payment Options

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It's done when it's done™

Our standard queue is our most common delivery option but it does not come with a guaranteed delivery date and it can certainly take a while as we have an active list of clients also awaiting creation of their projects.  However most of our clients understand that craftsmanship and artistry of the caliber we provide takes time and trust that we will make it worth the wait.  Many clients also prefer this route due to its payment flexibility where they can spread the payments of their projects over up to 2 to 3 years (or up to 4 years for projects over a certain amount).

Delivery within a year.

Clients needing an faster delivery date within a window of around 8 to 12 months should select this option. We will follow up with you to confirm our availability. 

"I Need a Guaranteed Delivery Within 8 Months"

We understand the short time tables of film, commercial, and theatrical productions and set aside time each year where we can offer an accelerated timetable.javascript:about:blank Spots in our Commercial and Expedited Queues are limited so check with us for availability to ensure we can guarantee your deadline.

"I need it yesterday"

Maybe you need a hero suit on set by the end of the month or maybe you're a private client who just wants it right now.  Whatever the case may be, clients urgently needing a project created for an immediate deadline should choose this option. Spots in our Commercial and Expedited Queues are limited so check with us for availability to ensure we can guarantee your deadline.

Pay In Full


Payment Plans

Terms: 20% down, 30% at construction start, and 50% at completion.

Terms: 1/4 down, 1/4 at construction start and part way through, and 1/4 at completion.

Terms: 1/3rd down, 1/3rd at construction start, and 1/3 at completion.

Terms: 1/2 down and 1/2 at completion.


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