Fantasy Breastplate Pattern

Follow along with this Fantasy Leather Breastplate Pattern and Tutorial to learn how to make armor and various leatherworking techniques. Use the tips and tricks from the Free Video Tutorial for your other leathercraft and cosplay or larp projects.

PDF Pattern with step by step instructional video for crafting a fantasy leather breastplate from the How To Craft Leather Armor series by Prince Armory.

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Tutorial Video:

This Fantasy Breastplate Pattern can be used for LARP (Live Action Roleplay) as well as cosplay.  Attend your next ComicCon, DragonCon, and Renaissance Festival in style!

+Printing, resizing, and other tips included as an additional document.
+Secondary Style included in primary PDF and provides a variation that gives smoother, more rounded design lines.
+By default, this is geared towards leather crafters but it is designed to make modification 
+Bonus Free Buckle Strap Patterns to add another level of customization to your armor set.

In every set of armor, the breastplate is the core piece that brings everything together. This customizable pattern gives you the starting design that you can incorporate into an existing cosplay, or create something entirely new. Add your own styles, tooling, dyes, paints, and other design elements for a truly customizable experience and create the cosplay or costume of your dreams.  Watch our past and future tutorials and videos for ideas on how you can make your armor projects over the top.

These breastplate patterns can be made from leather or can be made and mocked up alternatively with foam, card stock, worbla, and more. 

This design is intended as a unisex breastplate and has room in the chest section for comfortable wear for both men and women. If you would prefer a female breastplate we do have that available HERE as well. The sizing can be adjusted easily by scaling the pattern and adjusting the side plates.

The patterns include a PDF pattern that can be printed on any printer (Use tiled pages). A FREE step by step instructional video is available for this and other projects as part of the How To Make Armor series by Prince Armory. Follow the series to learn more armor components and leather working techniques.

Although this design is Fantasy in theme, the function is very real.  Watch the early part of the video to see a basic demonstration of how it articulates.  As long as you adjust the scale and fit properly, it will be incredibly comfortable and functional.



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5 Reviews

D***** M*****
February 22, 2020
ordered but never was delivered.
Reply from admin:
Hi, please download the files from the site after purchase.
l***** s*****
February 20, 2020
First time working on a large project like this. your patterns have made the job and the creativity come out easy
l***** s*****
February 18, 2020
this is my first try at making any thing larger than a belt. you patterns have made this easier than i would have ever thought.
February 13, 2020
This pattern was great. I enjoyed making it and will be back for more.
Fantasy Breastplate Pattern photo review
C*** S****
January 12, 2020
Pattern worked great at 85% for my 12 year old. Left lowest layer off to help with movement but can add it later if needed. The buckle pattern kit was also very helpful. Thank you.

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