Filigree Bracers Pattern

Although these bracers were originally designed for to be cut with a laser they can be a great challenge and excellent practice for hand cutting and filigree work.  Or just tool the design into the backplate if you prefer!

Dimensions not provided as you can scale the design to fit your needs.  Just be sure to adjust the eyelet holes if you do considerably adjust the scale up or down so the hardware still fits.



Stylish bracers with an elven flourish!  Very complex filigree pattern designed to use two layers of leather.  So you can stack two types of leather for an epic contrast!  Works great with exotic, prints, reptile, and other unique leathers.  It is recommended that you use a strong firm cow hide or similar leather (any 8oz+ veg tanned, or pre dyed firm leather is fine) for the top panel so that the delicate filigree designs will be sturdy.


Video tutorial will come in the future for this – but its really straight forward.  Just cut and assemble with rivets and eyelets!

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