Imperial Knight Breastplate Pattern

This is the breastplate pattern in the Imperial Knight series.  Fully functional cuirass with floating articulations to allow for maximum comfort and mobility.

    • Can be sized for Men or Women!  Feminine variant coming soon!
    • This pattern is designed to be both hand cut or laser cut. However, some of the components in this project exceed the maximum dimensions a Glowforge or smaller laser can fit.
    • An assembly diagram has been included in the downloads for this purchase to aid in crafting.
    • The laser cut buckle straps this project and are a premium option but you can also look up the free buckle guide for multiple other great designs to get you going.
    • The hand cut variation is a long PDF printout – Used the tiled pages option and scale accordingly.
    • Always make a mockup to assess fit before committing materials!
    • So many ways to easily enhance this design to make it your own!
    • The flat diagram represents the most current rendition. The red and black full suit reference is an older version. More pics to come when the video tutorial is finished.
    • This is a digital download.




Video Tutorial:

TIP: See the Fantasy Breastplate Tutorial for even more tips on making a leather breastplate!

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