Custom Service Specializations

We offer design and fabrication services to individuals, film productions, private collectors and more.

We work closely with every client to realize their dreams and goals, whether you are a film producer needing an epic hero suit or a private client looking for that rock star experience at the next comic convention. Prince Armory will design and craft a highly specialized and focused end product to achieve the goals of each client.

For Film, Theater, & Entertainment

We understand the telling and augmenting a story for your audience thorough wardrobe design. We can work with you from the start to conceptualize a leather armor design or custom cosplay costume for your unique characters and then bring them to life. Additionally, we can also work from existing designs to create your custom cosplay costume.

Epic Medieval Spinoffs

Prince Armory is known world-wide for our epic medieval leather armor spin-offs. Envisage iconic heroes and villains as knights, mercenaries, or lords of royal lineages in a fantasy medieval universe. Let the epic adventure, warfare, and house feuds begin!

The design of each spin-off creation is approached from a ‘What If’ standpoint. For example, what if Iron Man’s Tony Stark was trapped in Asgard and had to build a new suit by collaborating with the smiths of Asgard? Our Asgardian Iron Knight precisely followed this premise.

To date we have created: Medieval Batman, King Aquaman, Medieval Joker, Loki of Asgard, The Darth Knight (Medieval Vader), Asgardian Iron Knight, Medieval Krypton, First Age Sauron, and Medieval Boba Fett. We of course claim no ownership to the original characters in which the spin-offs are based and each concept is created only once.

Original Armor Creations

Let us conceive an entirely unique vision to become your new alter ego for Combat groups, Renaissance Festivals, and Comic Cons. Based in fantasy, grounded with history, our wearable metal and leather armor creations are as functional as they are beautiful.

Renaissance & Fantasy Medieval Weddings

Let us make that special day something that is truly out of this world.  We can create fantasy, medieval, renaissance, sci-fi, steampunk, or any other themed full ensembles of custom armor or other garments. We can create designs for both the bride and groom as well as your cast of merry men and bride’s maids.  

Ready for your wedding in Middle Earth?  Or how about Asgard?  There are no limits.

Professional Cosplay and Replicas

Do you have an anime or game character you want to step out of the screen? Are you ready to graduate from mass produced Halloween costume aisles? Do you have a complicated design you can’t find anywhere else? Your search ends here.

Leather Garments & Fabric Creations

Soft leather apparel items and garments for medieval, renaissance, medieval, and even mainstream fashion. We can create coats, jackets, vests, clothing, tunics, capes and more. Typically these projects are supplemental to larger armor projects but for garment projects of considerable detail we can do standalone projects.  

Note: We are currently looking to expand our garment portfolio and have a limited number of commercial queue slots reserved (faster for no extra charge) so if you have an elaborate project you want us to undertake please fill out the request a quote form.

New gallery in progress and will be posted soon…

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