2017 – A new year, a new site!

Hello everyone, Samuel here.  I wanted to talk about the latest website updates for Here are the highlights: About Page – Total revision with lots of new content.   Portfolio Page – Brand new page with tons of content.  While this isn’t a true portfolio it does give a great overview of our work and design philosophies. Galleries Page – New style! Over the coming months over a decade of past projects will be added here. Custom Order Page – Total revision with more concise and relevant information. Payment Gateway – That’s right, now my clients have a super… read more

Website Updates 2016

Our website was down temporarily while the upgraded hosting finished migration. There will be some bugs to work out due to some incompatibilities with the new platform and existing design but instead of up to 30-90 second load times and time-outs it will be about 1 second. Quite an improvement. Turns out all this time Godaddy had us on a 15 year old server that couldn’t handle the site. After forking over some cash for an upgrade now we’re on a managed hosting solution which is highly optimized for the site and very fast. There’s no contest at all compared… read more

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