Terms of Use & Copyright

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Terms of Use & Copyright Information

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Instead of starting this with an eye-glazing block of legalese, I want to talk about the spirit of the terms and copyright in a very straightforward way.  First and foremost, I want to provide legitimate value and a fair experience for everyone.  And in the same vein, I want to make sure I can sustain this operation so I can keep doing just that. The goal then is to create a scenario where everyone can win.


Can I sell items crafted from these patterns or derivatives?  

The current permission is simply one pattern is equal to one unit sold.  So, Yes.  Furthermore, most of the designs are specifically made to also be commercially viable.  Meaning the patterns can be scaled and adjusted, which provides for multiple size options to increase the market reach.  They are also designed to be very customizable, so you can make your products stand out.  The designs presented are ones we would use ourselves if we were selling at events.  They are crafted upon the foundation of many years of trial and error so you get to bypass countless hours of trial and error and just deliver a product that works, gets sales, and can be produced economically.  The patterns are priced such that if you invest the time to make a great product and sell it at an appropriate price, the design fee from buying the pattern is extremely nominal.  

Does this mean I can’t make other copies for friends and family?

Alright, so you bought a helmet pattern, and now little Timmy wants one.  Do you have to buy another one?  The short answer is no, as long as it is personal use and there is some attribution (credit) this is generally fine.  If your friends and family network extends to the 8th degree of Kevin Bacon – and suddenly has a suit of fantasy armor… well, we might need to have a little talk… but in general, the spirit of this arrangement is: I want everyone who buys our content to get value from it, and I’m not trying to nickel and dime anyone to death.   

The thing that changes this dynamic is when money is changing hands. (IE Commercial UseIf you are selling work created from the patterns in whole or in part then it becomes a commercial matter and I would hope that the effort invested in these designs is appreciated enough to warrant a small portion to cover the design fee, because that is an additional value provided to you as a commercial entity. And the only way other than legal action we can be compensated by that is if you voluntarily purchase another unit on the honor system. One unit = one commercial license.  Get in touch if you intend to sell in volume and desire a discount.  Attribution is not strictly mandatory but is generally considered good form.

What about volume production?

If you plan to produce a larger volume and you want to work out a more formal arrangement with volume discounts please get in touch and we can discuss the matter on a case by case basis.  

Can I sell your patterns?

Not directly.  But, there is now an affiliate program available. So you can make an account and get an automatic cut of any sales you refer.   If you are an influencer, have a storefront, or other business interest and would like to sell our products directly you’ll have to get in touch and we’ll discuss it on a case by case basis.

Can I share your patterns?

To prevent abuse, the simple answer here has to be no.  I know full well there will be some who share the pattern with their friends and I’m not going to go chasing people down unless the scale of the problem becomes too large to ignore.  

What about “X,Y, & Z”?

Obviously, this short list does not cover every contingency and is meant to help you understand the general guidelines.  Some may see the lack of a scary legal document as a free lunch opportunity – so to prevent abuse, it should be understood that our works and designs are copyrighted and are protected under law. And in cases of egregious abuse, legal action may be pursued.  The point is simply: just because we did not expressly forbid use in a certain way does not grant automatic permission.  Just use your best judgment, and understand the spirit of the terms outlined here which I hope is clearly understood to be: “Let’s work together so everyone wins.”